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Thanks to its unique collection and exhibition program, the Museum Ludwig has enjoyed long-standing ties with the USA. In 2018 we launched the international wing of the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst on the other side of the Atlantic. This is especially appropriate because American artists and sensibilities figure so largely in our collection and activities.

Collection Presentation with works by Zoe Leonard, Kerry James Marshall, Cady Noland, Alexandra Bircken, Seth Price
Arists shown: Zoe Leonards, Kerry James Marshall, Cady Noland, Alexandra Bircken, Seth Price Saša Fuis

Each year we host between two to three events in New York where we visit artist studios, have private tours with special guests, or offer exclusive events to our members. The Museum Ludwig Director, Yilmaz Dziewior, or the Deputy Director, Rita Kersting, are in attendance for the events. We also offer private invitations to all of the Museum Ludwig exhibitions.

We are grateful to Andrea Fraser, who has given the final push for this, as well as to Wade Guyton and Barbara Kruger, who have both supported the project from the beginning.

“Supporting modern and contemporary art and its institutions today must mean more than paying membership fees or giving donations of money or art. It also must mean defending the values and structures that enabled modernist and avant garde culture to develop and thrive and that enable museums to present and reflect that culture with autonomy and integrity. […] So I urge you to join the International Society of the Museum Ludwig Cologne and give to the museum, not (just) for exclusive parties, international trips, and the tax benefits, but to support and defend a public institution that represents and promotes the values of an open, tolerant, democratic society.”

Andrea Fraser, “Remarks for the Launch of the International Society Museum Ludwig, Cologne, January 8, 2017” (excerpts)

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Photo: Saša Fuis

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