Art in context

Art in Context #43
A Lecture on R.H. Quaytman by Susanne Titz, Director of Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach

New date on Monday, June 22, 2020, 7pm

Susanne Titz, © Foto: Stefanie Genenger
Susanne Titz, © Photo: Stefanie Genenger

Art in Context #24: Inside/out, Lecture by Kerry James Marshall, Museum Ludwig, May 11, 2015

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Art in Context is a series of public events organised by Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst at Museum Ludwig and devoted to engagement with current trends in art. Experts and representatives of the international art scene discuss selected themes in art theory and practice. The lecture series highlights the heterogeneity of current art and sheds light on its different positions.

Art in Context #42

Daniel Birnbaum: Electric

Art in Context #41

Peter Fischli in conversation with Stanislaus von Moos: Haus

Art in Context #40

Andrea Fraser: Art in the Age of Plutocracy

Art in Context #39

Michael Bracewell: An Examination of Modernity. About Richard Hamilton

Art in Context #38

Jeff Wall about Jeff Wall

Art in Context #37

Haegue Yang: Over Seven Mountains

Art in Context #36

Susanne Pfeffer: Ausstellungen machen

Art in Context #35

Alexander García Düttmann: Lecture
Link to the lecture

Art in Context #34

Peter Piller: Lecture by the artist

Art in Context #33

Wolfgang Ruppert: The modern artist. Creativity between individuality and habitus

Art in Context #32

Marcel Odenbach: Film and Talk with the Artist
Link to the lecture

Art in Context #31

Nil Yalter: D’Après STIMMUNG
Link to the lecture

Art in Context #30

George Baker: “The Underneaths of Painting”: Francis Picabia and the Body

Art in Context #29

Michelle Kuo: Experiments in Art and Technology

Art in Context #28

Hans Haacke in Conversation with Walter Grasskamp und Regina Wyrwoll

Art in Context #27

Ed Atkins in Conversation with Beatrix Ruf
Link to the lecture

Art in Context #26

Prof. Dr. Charlotte Klonk: Bildterror – Wenn Bilder zu Waffen werden
Link to the lecture

Art in Context #25

VALIE EXPORT: Film und Talk
with the Artist und Dr. Yilmaz Dziewior

Art in Context #24

Kerry James Marshall: INSIDE / OUT
Lecture by the artist in english
Link to the lecture

Art in Context #23

Dr. Yilmaz Dziewior: Looking back into the future
Link to the lecture

Art in Context #22

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hecken: High and Low, Pop Art and mass culture

Art in Context #21

Prof. Dr. Katharina Sykora: Explosive Photography

Art in Context #20

Rudolf Zwirner in conversation Jörg Heiser: The Cologne Art Fair in 1945 and its changes to date
Link to the lecture

Art in Context #19

Beral Madra: Kunstszene Istanbul: Entwicklung und Globalisierung

Art in Context #18

Andrea Fraser: Men on the Line. European Premiere of the Performance.

Art in Context #17

Shannon Jackson: Staging Institutions: Andrea Fraser
and the “Experiential” Museum

Art in Context #16

Ann Goldstein: Envisioning an Open Stedelijk Museum: The Temporary Stedelijk and Beyond

Art in Context #15

Dr. Philipp Kaiser: To the Ends of the World and Back
Introduced by Dr. Ulrich Wilmes

Art in Context #14

Joanna Kiliszek: Eyes on Eastern and Central Europe.
The current art scene in Poland
Followed by a discussion with Regina Wyrwoll

Art in Context #13

Giuseppina Panza: The Panza Collection
A conversation with Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Bonnet

Art in Context #12

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev: dOCUMENTA (13)
Discussion with Prof. Kasper König

Art in Context #11

Chris Dercon: The Future for Museums
Discussion with Jörg Heiser
Link to the lecture

Art in Context #10

Dr. Julia Voss: The 54th Venice Biennale – An Assessment

Art in Context #9

Philip Tinari: Contemporary Art in China

Art in Context #7

Kathrin Rhomberg and Vít Havránek:
Positions – Visions II
Curatorial Approaches to the Concept of Contemporary Art Biennials

Art in Context #6

Julia Stoschek and Klaus Biesenbach: Actually Unique: Performance as a Work of Art

Art in Context #5

agnès b.: Si je parlais un peu des photos…de quelques trésors. Dialogue about some works I love

Art in Context #4

Dr. Felix Ganteführer: Art in the Context of Taxation:
Inheritance, Bestowal, Donation
With an introduction by Dr. Wolfgang Bornheim

Art in Context #3

Jacques Rancière: The Politics of Aesthetics
With an introduction by Maria Muhle

Art in Context #2

Glenn Lowry: Success and Future Challenges
for Museums of Modern Art

Art in Context #1

Daniel Birnbaum and Isabelle Graw: The Future of Art