Edition Fischli Weiss-Haus in Zürich
					Haus in Zürich
Fischli Weiss: Haus in Zürich, 1996 © Peter Fischli and David Weiss

Edition Fischli Weiss:
Haus in Zürich

Fineart inkjet print 2012
Measurements: 48 × 68 cm (photo 40 × 60 cm)
Signed and dated

Number: 24 + 3 a.p.

This edition of prints by Fischli Weiss is based on the work Haus für die Skulpturprojekte Münster 1987”. At the time, Fischli Weiss were invited by Kasper König to create a miniature house in the style of the unspectacular architecture of post-war reconstruction on a street corner in Münster. Fischli Weiss enlarged the house in 1987 to a scale of 1:2 and moved it to an urban site in Zurich which cannot be determined precisely. The photograph is an especially beautiful example of the artists’ preoccupation with the “splendour of mediocrity”.

This photo-montage from 1996 was published for this edition for the first time.

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