Edition Johannes Wohnseifer-Ohne Titel
					Ohne Titel
Johannes Wohnseifer: Ohne Titel, 2012 © Johannes Wohnseifer, Photo: Saša Fuis

Edition Johannes Wohnseifer:
Ohne Titel

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Material: Polystyrene model in aluminium cast
Measurements: app. H 29 x W 24.5 x D 4 cm
Series of 7 + 3 a.p.

All exemplars are unique and vary slightly in size and appearance. With artist’s certificate.

Many of Johannes Wohnseifer’s works are based on the principle of adroitly shuffling systems of meaning. The artist is interested in the step from the idea to a form, i.e. the moment where innovation first becomes an object. The process of form discovery and development touches on the themes of seriality and individuality: We see an object that could be both a painting and a sculpture and has a fascinating aura of imperfect perfection.

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