Edition von Frank Bowling-Rampartstoo, 2022
					Rampartstoo, 2022
Frank Bowling, Rampartsoo, 2022 Photo: Anna Arca. © Frank Bowling. All Rights Reserved, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2022

Edition von Frank Bowling:
Rampartstoo, 2022

Edition created on the occasion of the 2022 Wolfgang Hahn Prize

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Signed and numbered

Material: Archival pigment print and screen printing ink on paper
Dimensions: 58,5 × 77,8 × 0,1 cm
Edition: 60 + 10 AP
Main Edition: 30 (1-30)
Varied Edition: 30 (I-XXX) + 10 proofs (not for sale)

Sir Frank Bowling’s work consists of a pure passion for painting, a tireless dedication to it, and the experiences, adventures, and also setbacks that make up the career of the exceptional artist Bowling. Traces of this can be found in the acquisition of the work Flogging the Dead Donkey on the occasion of the Wolfgang Hahn Prize 2022 for the Museum Ludwig. The generous application of paint in his pictorial works during his painting practice produces lush drip edges which land on the ground on sheets laid underneath. Through this process, basic elements of Bowling’s unique painting style are recognisable: the power of colour and the liveliness of painting itself. The motif for the edition Rampartstoo was created in 2022 through subsequent processing, smudging, and painting over the still visible drip edge. The production context is still physically visual and yet something new develops from the artist’s intervention and the radiant power of the paint.

Price each (incl. 19% VAT): 3.500 Euro (for members) / 4.000 Euro (non-members)

The Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst does not assume any further packing and transport service.