Junger Ankauf


Peter Piller - Pfade 1 und Pfade 2 aus: Von Erde schöner, 2003-2004


With a photographic series by Peter Piller in the year 2005 the initiatve Young Acquisition purchased an art work for the collection of the Museum Ludwig for the first time.

Peter Piller: Pfade 1 and Pfade 2 from: Von Erde schöner, 2003-2004 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016

This first Young Acquisition puts the viewer in front of photographs of very differing quality and provenance.

Pfade 1 and Pfade 2 from: Von Erde schöner, 2003-2004
There are aerial colour photos of detached homes, taken in the middle of a sunny day. The viewer sees the plot of land, the garage, the car, washing hung up to dry, flagstone paths leading from the garden to the house. Then there are coarse-grained photographs in black and white or colour, obviously from newspapers, in which policemen and -women are looking for something. Peter Piller is concerned, above all, with media images and the phenomena of the dissemination of events by media. This makes him one of a range of artists who increasingly address the media presentation of events, not the events themselves.

Text: Adelheid Komenda, from the publication “Junger Ankauf”, Cologne 2012